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Phuket is an Island paradise that offers residents the best sightseeing options and a healthy environment. Assume you’re a professional computer programmer, visual artist, or coder wishing to relocate to a beautiful beachside area. When you’re not busy working, you could find yourself lazing on the beach, diving amid coral reefs, and eating tasty food. We will be answering some of the most common questions an individual would have if they are thinking of relocating to Phuket!  In addition, we will cover their infrastructure, the job opportunities, cost of living, and more! So please read ahead as this will be the perfect guide that will assist you in making the right decision.


Before going into the cost of living and work options, let’s start with the fundamentals everyone must consider before coming to Phuket.



Starting with the infrastructure, Phuket is constantly expanding, with the primary goal of accommodating all its residents proficiently. A location may do exceptionally well in other parts of the globe for a few years, but the infrastructure required to support rising tourism is inadequate. As a result, they disintegrate under stress, and tourists quit visiting specific locations. In contrast,  Phuket has a hands-on attitude and has worked from the start on improving roads, additional airports, and harbors. The Thai government is reinvesting a great deal of money from the tourist industry on the island of Phuket to create proper roads and equip people with a robust infrastructure.



Phuket has the most excellent medical centers on the northern Andaman coast. In addition, visitors from adjacent Phang Nga or Krabi who require health or emergency care frequently wind themselves in Phuket for treatment. Thus, anyone considering relocating permanently may be confident that they will be supplied with one of the top healthcare available. Phuket has four govt hospitals and three private hospitals, each offering adequate treatment; however, it may be challenging to spot employees who know English or other languages at the public hospitals. In comparison, private hospitals such as the Phuket International Hospital have English-speaking coordinators and doctors.


Many expatriates who move to Phuket opt to instruct English as an additional language in educational institutions. Therefore, there is a requirement of a TEFL or ESL certificate, as well as a degree. This form of employment is perfect for individuals who want to stay in Phuket for an extended period. While it is not typically highly paid, it offers you versatility and the chance to give private instruction to supplement your earnings. Other prominent businesses in Phuket with foreigners include programming skills, communications, and production. There is still a high need for English-speaking personnel in skilled trades such as education and tourism, which account for almost 25% of Thailand’s economy. Many foreigners with diving certification use Phuket’s beautiful beaches to seek employment as diving trainers. The generated income per month might seem low as an outsider, but you must keep in mind that the cost of living is meager in Phuket, and we will be discussing this in detail in the next part of the article. Therefore, anyone thinking of relocating should not put too much stress on the wages.

Cost of Living in Phuket

The cost of living in Phuket might vary substantially based on your lifestyle. Food and housing will be your two greatest costs in principle. Even though Phuket is Thailand’s most costly province, the average living expenditures will be significantly cheaper than in places like London, New York, or Sydney. According to Numbeo, the overall living cost in Phuket is 48.70% less than the living cost in New York. On the cheap and affordable end of the spectrum, you might easily make do on average with USD1000 every month, which is approximately 35,000 baht. Expect roughly 15,000 baht for renting a studio flat, water and electricity, mobile phone, internet, and motorcycle gasoline. This puts you at an average of 666 baht every day for food and amusement. You won’t be living at large, but it may be pleasant if you acquire a taste for Thai cuisine and don’t party every night. When you increase your living costs budgeting to USD 2000-3000 per month, you will be able to enjoy life truly.  You may use it to rent a large, contemporary condominium or home, eat as much foreign cuisine as you like, and participate in various activities on the island, such as snorkeling, diving, golfing, going to the movies, joining a gym, and forth.


Phuket aims to provide an all-inclusive experience comprising a solid infrastructure, healthcare system, and education! Anyone thinking of relocating can enjoy the low cost of living and enjoy several activities that will distress them after an exhausting week of work.

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